Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh my, I have been busy, busy, busy. What you say have I been doing? Well, I have been working on my scrapbooks again. It's really an obsession I have. Right now I am cropping pictures from a trip to Rome in 2005, oh the memories. I just finished our 2003 book, that is the year we moved to Italy. I am yearning for my Italia. It was such a great place to live even if there were maddening times.

In addition to finishing 2003 I also completed 2010. That was awesome. I have yet to begin 2011. And I still have to do my Vegas trip from 2010 but it is going in it's own little "trip album". The same will be true for Hawaii, however, "little" might be stretching it! LOL And then I am also going to do an album for my dad's 80th birthday. Since Walgreen's had a print sale I now have all of the birthday, Vegas and Hawaii printed but am still searching for the right size albums. I do not wish to do 12 x 12 so I am trying to decide what size to go with, I have located a CM 8 x 10 and I already have an 8 x 8 and a 6 x ?? but I think it is too small to do any of my current projects. I am in process that's for sure, I am focused and I am getting it done!!!

  • I love to scrapbook!
  • I have much to do before I move!
  • I still do not know where I am moving!
  • I am ready to know where I am moving...
That's all hope you have a wonderfully, fabulous, productive, rewarding day!

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Man in Blue (MiB) said...

I like making memories WITH you!