Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Woes or WOWS

I feel like woeing (is that such a word?) but I am going to keep a positive attitude and go with WOWS...I am once again WOWED by the Blue!

I am always impressed with ingenuity, willingness and "can-do" attitudes...I am always amazed by never done that, can't and I don't think so. I prefer to think that when a unique situation presents itself you do what you can to make it work out. That is what I do! Should you not know or are presented a unique/new situation you reply with let me see what we can do I've not had this type situation before but I'm sure we can work together and get it done! As far as rules (or Air Force Instructions) I don't think rule breaking is fair for some and not others, I am a rule follower and I think we should ALL follow the rules. I do think that when you are trying to accomplish items you work within the guidelines. Enough said on that as I'm sure you get the picture.

The situation is that we do have a placeholder is not in the lower 48...therefore it is considered an 'overseas assignment' and medical/dental clearances have to completed. Got it. Work with me people...I'm healthy overall, have a minor outstanding issue that needs followed up on (and after a second opinion, I have no concerns and think the radiologist is cuckoo, but that's another story, so let's stay on task here) but check my medical records, I'm good, trust me. My military medical record is very thin after nearly 25 years...seriously, trust me on this! I have seen others, they've been in a lot less time and have two or three files full.

Anyway, getting all these forms filled out for the "all go" on orders is proving to be quite the challenge, one that is workable. LilBlue's paperwork is being worked on, no issues. Thank you OFFUTT AFB for working to get her scheduled and making it happen. My base, notsomuch. I use 'mybase' losely because really I  do not have a base? I mean I have been on the road or in the air on average 14 days each month since MiB has been gone so I don't really claim any base! Granted I am not at "my base" so to speak, but this can be made to happen with a willingness to work within the them, they address being geographical separated from 'your base'. I know you need to follow the AFI. I would expect nothing less!  Cause trust me my husband is an AFI stickler and I appreciate that about him! I think we all should follow prescribed let's do it. Let's make it happen! I know we can :)

If your brain is going, hmmmm, so where are they going? Well, there are only two states not in the lower 48 (I know you knew that but I sometimes like to state the obvious) I just visited one and we are going to the other. NOW, before you get all excited over this news, that is where we are going today, it could literally change tomorrow. This is because of the current position MiB is in. He could be 'picked up' to continue to do the same type job but if not we are headed North and I will probably be wearing my Uggs all year round! But I'm good with that, in fact I will probably need to get another pair...or two :)

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