Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late Thursday Thoughts

Oh my, where did my day go, geez where did my week go?

It's been busy and it's not something I see an end to soon. But this is what makes our life right? Today I left the house for Bible Study and just got in a few minutes ago. We ended the evening stopping by the Club for "member night dinner" (free food, what's not to like?) of grilled burgers and dogs with french fries or onion rings along with all the fixins. It was definitely fun and the kids loved the bouncy castle and FREE prizes. A great way to end the evening!

So quick thoughts:

  • I'm trying to pace myself...
  • I'm meeting LOTS of new folks
  • I'm NOT liking "the drive to the wild side"
  • I'm trying to remember LOTS of names and faces!
  • I sooooo enjoy the Airman's Attic, best place on base!
NIGHT! Tomorrow is another full day, life is good!

1 comment:

Frizzy said...

So happy you all are settling in so nicely. It's always fun exploring and learning about your new home and it's surroundings.