Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today we took in two movies. It was really not what we should have been doing as there are still some sorting projects and various things that could have been tackled at the house but we threw caution to the wind and headed out the door in record time to catch the early bird viewing (read that cheapest show of the day) of Killer Elite. Wow, not a movie for the weak of stomach for sure. I like suspenseful shows but with a little less shootem up please. Then we went on over with a matinee priced ticket to MoneyBall. This was such a good movie. Based on a true story and worth the watch if you are looking for a movie to see I recommend it.

O.K. well that's it, just wanted you to know we aren't all work and no play here, we do get out and about! Lot's going on but that's what makes life!

Speaking of life, we are in the midst of another wildfire on the EastRes. MiB is fetching water jugs for those on the front lines. It irks me to receive the news that a call was made, then another call went out to set into motion the action to obtain the needed water for the firemen and various others seeing this thing through but that what was brought was so inadequate for the situation it is ludicrous. I have such little tolerance for incompetence that I am glad I was not there to witness this. The old adage proved true yet again today, if you want something done right, do it yourself, because obviously common sense just did not prevail on this tasker.  The main thing is that water was finally made available...

Have a happy Sunday all and here's to a great week. 

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