Friday, September 30, 2011


Tonight is the base Oktoberfest so it was a morning of decorating!
K.L. showing off her hanging skills!!!

And then I did a bit of shopping! Hip Hip Hooray for clearance! Oh, and a coupon! I snagged a dress, a pair of capris, two blouses, one t-shirt and a camisole for (drum roll please), are you ready for it? $60.xx

So back to the house to finish pre-weekend chores and get ready to return to Oktoberfest. We went and enjoyed the evening, The food was decent, though the pretzels would have been tons better had they been a bit warm they were still edible! The red cabbage was tasty and the potatoes were really nice. MiB said the brats were really good, the schnitzel was off the mark in our opinion, not sure but authentic it was not. However, overall the food was better then I expected which is always a plus when you go to things like this. Part of that comes from the fact that we have actually been to Germany and had the real deal so we are often a bit harsh in our review of the food since we know what it should be. MiB and I do not do beer so we gave away our beer tickets that came with our meal. Still it was a nice night with some fun folks and we enjoyed meeting some new Team Barksdale members and visiting with others that we have already met. I was most thrilled that we knew people and had people to share the evening with that we were comfortable that does the heart good!

 MiB with his authentic German cuisine!
One of my new Southern Friends!

Night all, prost!

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