Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts!!!

So, there is this great festival getting ready to kick off and they have a quilt show along with it. There is a little tradition that they have with letting some of the Barksdale Command Spouses come down and judge the quilts. It just so happens I had the opportunity to go. I know right? I was not scheduled to go, but there was a last minute change of plans and I was available to step in and go. What fun. And oh what beautiful quilts we saw. Some were just amazing, some were inspiring, others were not my cup of tea, others I wish I could tweak a color or two and then a couple I wish I could have snatched off the rack and brought home. Most of them made me think of all my quilter friends. I felt very out of my league! And I think they should not have limited us to picking just one, I could have VERY EASILY given out a first, second and third...even a fourth and fifth.  LOL
There were so many different categories, small, large, extra large, block of the month, kits, etc and to pick ONLY ONE was tough, extremely tough! So we collaborated to come up with our winner. It may not have been each of our personal favorites but it was a winner nonetheless! A beautiful quilt of blues and a center focal point of Texas Bluebonnets. It was a very colorful quilt and it was well done. We agreed this was the one! Course it could have been any number of the others we each loved...yeah, did I mention this was not an easy task? It really wasn't but it was certainly fun!


I am amazed at all the beauty I saw today and again it made me call back memories of the quilter friends I have, mostly A who has gone on to be with the Lord and I'm sure she is quilting in Glory. Also T from COS and of course DF and CL from Italy. Especially them since we spent some time last fall hitting a few quilt shops on our VA road trip! Then there is my own Grandma who did a little quilting, and my other Grandma who did a variety of handwork. Also my own mother made a quilt or two back in the day. And LilBlue has made one, maybe two. I have as well, nothing like what I saw today but still I gave it a whirl and there is proof. Then there is also the quilt I always use on my own bed when the weather cools from MiMi. It's such a wonderful memory keeper and the quilt that LilBlue received when MiB deployed that someone, a complete stranger to us, took the time to make. Also the baby quilts that Aunt E did for LilBlue not to mention the one that Aunt T made her. Yes there is some quilting in our story and the stories are such great memories! That is really to me what a quilt is to me, a story, a memory!

 These were just two of the many beautiful quilts we saw. I should have taken way more pictures, but I think they thought I was a little weird for taking the pictures to begin with! HA But I did say I wanted to blog it :)

There were lots of seasonal quilts and while some were very nice, most just did not catch my eye. There were Halloween ones, several Autumn, couple Spring, many, many Christmas ones but like I said even though they were neat, they just did not catch my eye. Until...

The Christmas quilt that caught my eye!

The one that really caught my eye was absolutely gorgeous! It was reds and creams and it just looked amazing, really rich; just a great piece! I would have loved to bring it on home with me! They do have a raffle going on for a few of the quilts I think when MiB and I go back we will buy a ticket or two, or three :) I could use another nice blanket!

So that was my day, unexpected quilt judge! I held my own in the "what appeals to me" but I honestly think they were all winners in their own right! This is just such an awesome talent and skill to have and anyone who participates is a winner in my book~

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