Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation HERO!

The event of the day was Operation HERO. This is a base wide event for the children to get a feel for what their mom and dad go through before they deploy. Thankfully the local community does the financial backing and every child in attendance gets some really neat take homes!

 The day kicks off with a mission brief...HAVE FUN they are told!

The "shooting station" was popular! Paint Ball guns are coolio!

 Processing line stations were amazing...MiB test out the "drunk googles"

 MiB and I

And while the end of the day did not go quite as planned since there was a random wildfire close by that caused an unexpected evacuation it was still a good day! Some of the days events were not executed as prepared but perhaps there will be another day for that. The volunteers were awesome, I think the children really enjoyed it, I know I did and wow have MREs come a long way or what? They even have vegetarian options and the names of these Meals Ready to Eat sound pretty tempting to me...or maybe I was just ready for lunch :)

Later in the afternoon we were to a "shirt" BBQ. What a nice time we had and it was fun to get together with folks outside of the working environment. Met several new families and there were some really, really yummy cupcakes...I had two, one of each! But hey, some people had THREE and it was NOT MiB! LOL While the chocolate were tasty, they even had a raspberry filling, for my the wedding cake white will always win!