Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Guest!

J&T are down for the weekend and yesterday we did a fact finding mission, but today we went back and did the official Casino Crawl! Oh MY! It was educational, interesting and well, I don't have words for what else it was...

 We had the lunch buffet at BOOMTOWN! 
And actually, this is from Saturday!

On Sunday we started with a run through the BX, where I did find some Labor Day sales. Got a couple Christmas gifts down which was exciting! I love a good clearance sale with an additional % off as well! SCORE!
 Big boys who still like toys!
Then we headed to a FREE buffet lunch at SAMTOWN'S cause MiB and J won them there yesterday when we were checking things out. So that was tasty and did I mention FREE. Yeah, okay, cool! After that we headed to the ElDorado, which was nice. We enjoyed watching roulette, it was interesting and totally mind blowing the amount of money we saw won and lost. I am NOT a gambler I know that. Our next stop was Harrah's and MiB and I immediately checked out the ponies and went to watch. There were two races left, we placed our bets and waited. Race 9 was a wash, pony 9 won and then they scrubbed the whole race, bummer! Then race 10 our pony placed and we won a buck 40. Not bad I suppose since it only cost us one to bet. I wasn't THAT impressed though, too long between races.

A lots of $$$ too bad no I knew was taking it home!

That stop ended our Crawl and we headed to the house for some grub and conversation before J&T leave in the a.m. They are going to explore a new way home and make a quick pit stop in OK. Hope it's a good new route as the 71 just isn't cutting it.
Happy Labor Day weekend to you and yours!

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