Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classic Cliche

Looks can be deceiving, I know you've heard it, I have, mostly from my Grandma. Today, it was definitely true much to my disappointment. So I skipped breakfast, though I did have my morning java! We took the CRV for a tint job, then headed to lunch. We were trying another "highly recommended" place. To be honest we pulled up and we had hope, real hope, it just had that look of a place we would like.

We went in, ordered, I shuddered at the cost ($35.00) but I thought if it's yummy, I'm good with paying for food at local places, even if that is on the high side for lunch...

We got the basket of fried pickles ($4.99) first and I had a sinking feeling as soon as I tasted them...they looked incredible, not a speck of grease and just the right color. However, first taste and I nearly choked, they were so overly salted it was unbelievable. This from a former saltaholic and a girl who still love, love, loves her salt. So I was a bit concerned but the place was filling up with a good lunchtime crowd I was still hopeful.

Don't those look great? Too bad they were not...

Food came, second clue of this might not be all I want it to be was when my crab cakes (10.99) were in something and had something on them. I like crab cakes alone not plated in sauce and nothing on them. Okay I can be open, so I dug in. Uh, no way, thick and cold (raw) in the middle. Yeah, I'm sunk.

 The crab cakes, floating in something and topped with something, neither of which was impressive according to my very own taste buds. They were also too thick...which could account for the cold/raw in the middle issues, though the outside was nearly overdone so all around a fail on this choice.

MiB did fare some better, his shrimp po boy ($8.99) was good, had a nice sauce and plenty of shrimp, on a nicely toasted roll. It really was a nice deal. I'm glad he shared with me since it really was huge and enough for two not to mention that he also ordered a side of red beans and rice ($6.99). He thought the RB&R were average. Me too, I tasted them and thought I've had better, thanks to Ms Lina!

I do give them kudos for their ice though, they had "good ice" as we call it! So there were some good things :) but feel pretty certain we will probably not be going back and still on the hunt for a great place!

Anyway, Happy Wednesday to you! MiB was off today and we just spent the day hanging out which is always fun! No more use or lose days for him which was the goal of the day off since the new year starts Saturday! Cars are washed as well, very productive day! Now on to a quiet uneventful, relaxing evening!


Susie said...

I hate it when that happens:-(

Frizzy said...

I love fried pickles and can't remember the last time I had them. Sorry to hear your lunch was not so good. It looked pretty too bad it didn't taste that way.