Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Widow

These past two weeks I am a travel widow. MiB has been jetsetting to DC as of late. This week he is running about the NCR in this cute little number!


Ironic that he would get to drive one of these this week as we looked at buying one this summer. They are cool, they hold four people pretty comfortably. It helps if you are on the smaller side if you are going to sit in the back seat though; which means it works well for me :) But MiB wanted to keep the SMARTie so we did not get the FIAT. But I still like them and they bring back good Italian memories...
AWESOME VIEWS...I'm somewhat jealous as I have not yet seen the new Air Force Memorial!

This travel has given me a small amount and I do mean small in the tiny, itty bitty sense of the word to get some things done around the house. It is starting to gel, we are starting to learn where everything is and figuring out what works for us. Course I still feel it is not quite "pulled together" but I'm working on it. It's just the chunks of time I get are just that chunks, seems I have to go here, then there and run do this and then stop here and did I mention we are in the sticks out here. Yeah, it is literally 20 minutes to the main base so road time is the pits and causes me a bit of angst at times. But I am learning to plan accordingly!

So hope your week is going well, mine is flying by and tomorrow is another big day. I hope I will have a picture or two of our "immersion tour" for the ladies of the 8th!


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