Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And he's gone...

We knew this day would come and we were as ready as we could be...the last 11 days were an awesome gift...we took advantage of this bonus time together! We reconnected with friends (and of course each other!), we walked the beach, we made late night "sweet" runs, we just soaked up togetherness! We did not lock ourselves away together, though I'm sure we could have, we didn't! MiB even had solo playdates or more accurately surfdates! And I also had lunch dates! We so enjoyed meeting up with friends, doing some office visits and working to maximize our time here. Again, we had an AWESOME meet up! I would not change much except that I would have went ahead and brought Lilblue down... She will be with us in Hawaii though :) So as all things go there is an ending and that was today for this trip. Today MiB began that very loooong journey back to his world...

I am staying one more night on the beach before staying a couple more nights with three doors down then head off to the Midwest again for a few days. Right now I am thankful for the time and thinking about a low key quiet evening with my thoughts, a good book and an advocado (dinner :) even though there were some very gracious offers of dinner this evening I'm going to decline.

I have an airport departure picture but cannot upload it from my phone! Not even sure that is available but I certainly have not figured out how to do that or if you can even upload pictures from your phone?? Anyway, the beach is screaming my name!! Buh byyyye!

And this is the airport picture...thanks to the desktop of three doors down!

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Susie said...

I am glad that you made the most of your time together:-)