Monday, February 21, 2011

Deer, Speeding Ticket, Shopping and Casa

Sooooo yesterday was eventful after a lovely FFA breakfast in Bronaugh, MO we were heading back to Nevada, MO to go to shopping in Kansas City, MO we encountered a deer, the deer did not make it...

Vehicle was not drivable, airbags DID NOT deploy; I could not exit the passenger side door!
So after the deer encounter, my other cousin came to pick us up and off to KC we went. We were about half way there when a Missouri Highway Patrolman wished to visit with us...Saundra was traveling somewhat OVER the posted speed limit and Trooper Jones let her know just exactly how much over and gave her a nice white envelope to mail in a contribution to the state for her transgression. He was a very nice trooper and bid us a good day and we were on our way again! In KC I scored some awesome bargains! The Littles are going to be set on PJs for the next year!! We headed home, going right at the posted speed limit and in no time we were back in Nevada, MO mySherry and I quickly unloaded and headed to Casa, since Saundra did not take us to Ponack's and we were both in the mood for Mexican food.  What a day, glad it was no more eventful then it was and that everyone is okay! I'm gonna have to be careful hanging out with the cousins from now on!! LOL

If you are squeamish, you may not want to scroll down any farther, just sayin'!

The deer did not make it...

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Susie said...

Yikes! Deer vs. car is never good!