Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

There is sunshine in my world this week! WOOHOO I’m lovin’ it. I do not think winter is over but I know Spring is on the horizon…cause that’s the way it works! HA and honestly, all that white stuff WAS pretty and I was in a warm house with plenty of hot beverages available and no need to go anywhere so really I have no complaints about having a bit of winter this year. However, I will not skirt it, I am more of a warm weather girl now that I am in my 4’s. I grew up in the Midwest, I walked to school until I was able to drive, I know cold, I know how to properly dress. I did not walk two miles up hill both ways….LOL I only walked a mile and it was usually with a friend and thankfully on very cold mornings we got a ride from another mom or dad, but not always so I know "walkin’ to school" cause I did it!

So lots of planning going on in my world, we are all soooooo excited about the BIG trip, and if you are counting with me it is 3 weeks from TODAY!!! Ahhhh fun, fun, fun can’t wait! We all made lists of the top 5 things we want to do. MiBs was a known. Visit the North Shore, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing. Lil Blue’s was pretty simple to accommodate with snorkeling, swim with dolphins, visit the USS Arizona/Pearl Harbor, surfing and attend a luau.  Mine were easy too and some were duplicates of Lil Blue’s so I tried to come up with five more and this is what I have…Tour the DOLE plantation, visit the state capitol, visit the state art museum, Diamond Head and get off the beaten path for shopping/eating. I think we have more then enough for 16 days!

Thursday Thoughts

  • Planning is sooooo fun!
  • Decision making is tedious…
  • So thankful for warmer temps!
  • “Littles” hugs are PRICELESS
  • Waiting is so very hard but worth it!


Susie said...

I saw my first plants peaking out of the ground outside today!!

Mrs. Blue said...

Another SURE sign spring is coming!!!!