Friday, February 18, 2011


Before I forget I wanted to post about the SMARTee. Lots of people wonder what happened to it. It has been in storage since June...we liberated it while we were in FL. It was fun to see it and drive it again. It is still a novelty to many and we still enjoy it and MiB loves it as much today as he did when he got it!
This is an older picture...from when we lived on the street!

The folks at the A&FRC loved getting to check it out! 

We rolled it over the 16,000 mark!

In it's home aka the storage unit!!!

Nice that she only needs attention every 10,000 miles!


Susie said...

That's awesome!!

Frizzy said...

We have several smart cars around here. I think it's cool that you all bought one. If we weren't in the kid phase of our life I would get one in a heartbeat.