Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh my, my, my it's so white all around me!

I think I am hibernating, really, til at least Saturday I will NOT be out and about in the white! Saturday though will be a different story as we make our way North for another SOUNDSATIONAL singers competition. That's right we will trek to Harrisonville, MO to cheer on the singers! My niece sings with this group, she is good, I mean exceptionally good, I am not biased, I am truthful. I have gone to a few of the competitions over the years and I have heard and seen good and NOT so good...she is good! So that is Saturday and that will probably be the next time I go out...unless I walk up the lane to the mailbox cause I need some fresh air :P

Short and sweet since internet is not readily available and getting this uploaded is a monumental task in this white world! Oh who am I kidding, the white world has NOTHING to do with the challenge of uploading, the non existent internet does...I love being in the sticks...guess that's what happens when you are homeless!

  • Should of stayed in FL...
  • I'm craving a Boca burger 
  • Love my dad's veggie soup!
  • I'll be in HI in just 27 more days!
  • White world makes it tough to exercise : (
That's it for me, over and out, in a world of white!


Susie said...

I love hibernating:-)

Man in Blue (MiB) said...

20 more day???? I think you need to recount. I have it at about 26 more days...

looking forward to it myself...


Mrs. Blue said...

You were right, I had that off by a week...corrected now!!!