Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dolphins and Donuts!

As we strolled the beach this morning there were dolphins...I had just told MiB they never jump up out of the water like they do at SeaWorld do they? Then lo and behold they started to jump, I know they did it just for ME :)

 My jumping dolphin shot!!!

It was such a great morning, we enjoyed the 67* weather in short sleeves...awesome consider much of the Midwest is battening down the hatches for a blizzard and that would include most of our family! So sorry for them, and not so sorry I am not there...

After strolling our beach, we decided to make a donut run...Boston creme and blueberry won our favor and with our drinks of choice in hand we headed over to Hightower to enjoy the view! What a view it was and a great place to enjoy the morning. Today is our last day, I am so thankful for this precious time together, I know tomorrow will be a somewhat melancholy day but a day I am thankful for nonetheless.

Caffeine free Pepsi and Boston cream donut!

Gotta run, still have some last minute things to wrap up, another surf session for MiB along with a couple goodbye meetings and a BG meeting. It's going to be a fun busy day. Dinner with "three doors down" as well!

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