Friday, February 4, 2011

I have the house to myself!!

Whoa, what a feeling, I mean you just don't get a house to yourself when you are homeless, happily homeless I might add! It's kinda odd and cool all at the same time! What gives it an even stranger feel is that I used to live in this house (well, not THIS house, but one exactly like it, three doors down...) So there is that overwhelming familiarity to it but it is not my house...makes perfect sense to me and I'm enjoying it. So today is my last day in FL and everyone is involved in life which leaves me to my own devices; scary I know! They also have a laptop, desktop and wifi that I have permission to use... I'm digging it.

As I heard everyone get their day started this morning, I did not emerge, I just chose to enjoy the morning, foggy as it was in my little corner of the a little, emailed a little.  When I did finally venture out I chatted with DD#1, had coffee, really good coffee I might add and a bowl of oatmeal. Then I proceeded to belly up to the desktop and had a grand time! I've been quite productive this morning if I do say so myself...I've booked another plane ticket, researched car rentals, did more research on things to do and places to eat in HI while working on our I-10, forwarded documents to the insurance company regarding LilBlue, caught up on some banking transactions and made this post and it's not even 9:30 A.M.

Next I am going to head out to the garage to shine up the little SMARTee prior to putting her back in storage, hit the BX/commissary one last time to pick up some favorites and thank you things, have some lunch, walk on the beach, pick up DD#1 from school and let the last evening unfold. It's not a big day but a day I am relishing in, even though I am solo. No committments, no one to feel like I am burdening.  It's pretty neat how things work out. I get concerned about being under foot when staying on with friends and family (especially, those who work at home...G&G and one half of 3DD) but it usually all works out I think!

Enjoy your Friday, I know I am :)


Susie said...

You should be dancing in your underwear...Risky Business style:-)

Mrs. Blue said...

LOL I seriously thought about a pajama day but had too many things to do outside of the walls!!!

Lee said...

Happy that you had some quiet time and that darn phone wasn't ringin:)
We will miss you and can't wait to see you again. You are ALWAYS welcome here!