Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May!

Can you believe it's MAY, I cannot!!! But it means JUNE is next and that is when MiB will return to me. WOOHOO!!!

It is hard to believe it is MAY because the weather does not seem to be MAY. It is COLD today, seriously, I have on long john's. I am so cold I am wearing them to not be cold, I have on two shirts and a hoodie. I have had two cups of hot tea, I am cold, it is not fun and it does not seem like MAY to me. I hope that we will have Spring like weather soon, I fear that we are going to go straight into Summer (and HOTNESS) and while I do not enjoy the cold, I do not enjoy being HOT either. I like some warmth, I enjoy the sunshine, but I do not to like to perspire unless I am working. I like a nice sunny day where there is plenty of shade and preferably water! Maybe I am high maintenance regarding my weather requirements, it could be worse...

I hope you are enjoying your MAY DAY wherever you are, as for me I am staying in on this cold and did I mention rainy day? Yes, on top of this cold, it is also rainy. Welcome MAY, so far you disappoint me :/


Susie said...

May is my birthday month and therefore, I welcome it with open arms:-)

Frizzy said...

I am thrilled he will be home soon. Then you two will be off on your next adventures! Imagine!

Will Little Blue be able to spend much time with you both before you pcs? Will she be traveling with you to your next duty station?