Friday, August 26, 2011

Here at last!

This was a WELCOME sight! We are finally in the house and surrounded by our things! We are exhausted. It's been a LONG day. We received our shipment, said goodbye to the crew, jumped in the shower and headed to the SNCO induction ceremony tonight. I did not even doze off. This is an exciting night, this is a HUGE milestone and I love to get to be a part of these good times. 
It's off to bed for us, we are going to be at it up and early in the morning and try to knock out getting this place de-boxed! It's been fun, some damage for sure and more to follow I'm certain, but overall it's going well. I'm thinking we have way too much stuff. We haven't seen it for over a year and we haven't really missed it so the looming question is - do we really need it? I think NOT. We already have a HUGE pile to take to the Airman's Attic and I think there will be more before we are done!
NIGHT! I'm sleeping in my own bed tonight, ahhhhh!

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