Monday, July 23, 2012

Food :0)

Italian and Chinese, I love them both! Dinner the last two nights respectively...

 We have enjoyed the fresh farmer's market tomatoes for several weeks now! I love this combo, not necessarily together every time but they are great anytime!

 Veggie fried brown rice and pork egg rolls.

They are so much work to make but they are oh so good. MiB was saying how much he would like egg rolls so I caved and got all the necessary ingredients to make them. It took a trip to two off base stores since the commissary did not have egg roll wrappers. First time that has happened in 26 years. They did have the frozen spring roll wrappers but I prefer the fresh egg roll wrappers that are traditionally found in the produce department. They were good, really good! I also double batched our favorite sweet and sour sauce for dipping. YUM. Tomorrow or the next day we will have the leftovers with Chinese corn chowder.

Going to bed now, it's been another busy day and neighborly night as we delivered two more plates of welcome brownies! We are filling up out here, woohoo! Night!

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