Monday, July 30, 2012

It's been a week, missed you!

It's been a whole week since I've posted. I feel like it's been much longer. Life marched on, we came, we went, we got through another week. I am meeting this week with a not so full schedule and MiB traveling. It's been awhile since he's been away. In fact its been a long while come to think of it. Oh well, he won't be gone long and I will be laying low and staying close to the home front. I have many little chores I would love to get done but seem to never find the chunks of time to do them. This week while he is away I plan to find some of those chunks of time. I may spend a day in my PJs as well, been too long since I've done that and I'm ready for a PJ day along with a good book!

Hot is what it's been here, like really, really hot. We were in Dallas over the weekend and it was sweltering. I was glad for good AC. I was also thrilled to get to shop at ALDI. Got stocked up on some of our favs along with a few panty staples. Always enjoy going and really loved the $1.49 filet Mignon that we snagged and had for dinner last night. Ohmygoodness they were good, not to mention the sweet corn on the cob, baked taters which we used plain Greek yogurt on and garlic bread. We had caprese for a starter and this time I soaked the tomatoes in the balsamic, next time I will also soak the cheese, it was sooooo good! We were way to full afterwards! UGH but it was some really good eating. Best part is we have two more filets for next weekend when MiB returns!

This evening is the Uniform Depot which my neighbor spearheaded and I have pledged to be her helper during the event. It's such a great deal for our military families. All the schools here require uniforms. That's not a bad thing but it can be costly. The Uniform Depot is going to help A LOT of families and save them A LOT of money so it's win-win!!! 

I gotta run, lots of get done, MiB flies our EARLY tomorrow and I have a big to do list before he goes. Ima be really productive while he is away, really I am!

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