Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy, happy boy!

MiB got a package that made his day! See a few weeks ago it was International Surf Day and he joined the Surfriders in honor of that day. He has been checking the front porch daily for his membership package swag. That day finally arrived and he is in heaven...

With some of the swag...
All smiles with the GoPro camera!

Other then play with all the goodies in the package today we went and hung out at the pool, which was quite enjoyable! That was only after MiB did a little SUPing and made an airport run.

Playing a little wallyball with the neighbors+1 kids

While at the pool Munsey neighbors showed up, we chatted, read and caught up! Nice to see them again and their boys had fun with MiB in the pool...Marco-----Polo!

We headed home for a late lunch then decided to take in a movie...People Like Us. Based on a true story, moved a little slow, but an enjoyable afternoon nonetheless. Since I needed a few things from the grocery we headed to base and realized we had missed the commissary by almost an hour. Geez, I really think 5 P.M. is too early to close but that is the weekend schedule. So now I will be making sure I get out the door first thing in the A.M. to get that chore out of the way. No worries, I didn't have to have anything this evening. We returned home to enjoy a simple dinner...frozen pizza doctored up a bit with onions on one and onion and home grown tomato on the other. DELICIOUS!!! I'm telling you, we are living the good life and it is so much fun.

Dinner :)


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