Sunday, July 8, 2012

Going back to the BIG O

Seems too soon to be sending her back. Didn't she JUST get here???? UGH

Since we were having a gathering this evening, I did not make the airport run, the twins did. Of course, we did not snap pictures before she left the house. Thankfully, they did take a few at the airport as they were dropping her off.

 With Uncle G

MiB w/LilBlue

  Smiling...didn't know about the delay yet!

When she left the house it was all good as far as what the online status of her flight was...ontime! However, shortly after making it through TSA there was a weather delay announced due to storms in the Dallas area, specifically lightening. That went on for quite a while, her 4:25 departure turned into a 6:30 one but she did finally make it to Dallas. Then more delays due to weather. Her original Dallas flight was 6:45 but we knew before she left here that her connecting flight was also delayed so no worries on missing it. The Dallas delay was a concern for me as we did not want her stuck there overnight and we just kept praying something would break loose. Her flight got off the ground out of Dallas just after 10:00 p.m. And finally after 9 hours and some change she finally landed in the the BIG O shortly after midnight!  Since the BUD had to be a work she had to arrange an alternate ride home...thanks to BUD's family for that!

What a great week we all had, looking forward to next month when we will eek out another visit at an as of yet undecided location. Thoughts and plans are still forming, but I think water and most likely sand will be involved :) Can't wait. Course don't want to wish the days away until then so we will all work hard and make the most of the days until then, most importantly for LilBlue as she tackles Spanish IV.

Gathering tonight was as always F*U*N. We celebrated birthdays and promotions. I wish we would have documented better but I was on and off the phone with LilBlue throughout the evening keeping up on the travel saga she was living and really fell down on the job. In fact I felt a horrible hostess as I kept stepping away to speak with her or text back and forth. I know our guest understood but I still felt a little schmucky.

For some reason feet and flip flops were discussed and all those present wearing them decided a picture was in order...that was all but one :)

FlipFlop Central!

And ohbytheway the margarona's were a HUGE hit. Let me tell you I was not sure they would be with this crowd but they were. EVERYONE had one and liked it. I have some thoughts on tweaking it for next time but for this time I did it like this. Which is a little bit different then the recipe I was given, I went with light Corona and used Fresca instead of 7-Up. Next time I will make my own limeade using splenda to cut the calories even more.


12 oz light Corona
12 oz Fresca
12 oz can frozen limeade concentrate
12 oz tequila 
Splash of triple sec

Mix and serve over crushed ice. Simple and refreshing!

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