Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weed Wacker!

My MiB is multi talented, I know, I know, I am such a lucky girl! I try to get my physical exercise in daily. Somedays it happens, somedays it doesn't. Somedays I walk, somedays I run, somedays I do the INSANITY videos, once in a great while I go to the "real gym", here that doesn't happen so much, it's just so far to drive and then to come home and clean up and get on with my day, it's way easier to get my physical exercise in out here in my neighborhood or my own house. Sometimes I really think I want a treadmill...but then I think just lace up your runners and head out the front door! And let's be honest somedays I don't get anything physical done and then I feel crummy and guilty.

Anyway, on one of the many paths I can choose from there is a bridge that has some overgrown foliage. I complained, I mean I mentioned it to MiB a few days back and today he took care of that for me. It's nice to have a responsive mate :)

 My personal shrub trimmer :)

Some of the overgrowth has bees in it!

THANK YOU MiB!!! It's the little things like this that you do that really rock my world...

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