Saturday, July 21, 2012


Last night we got several calls from voice messages were left, then there was a text...

We were at the pool and my phone was in the car. When we were leaving I did not call her back but texted her and said we will be available in about 5 minutes was she? She texted back YES so we called when we got back to the house. Since we are still very perceptive parents I had a feeling I knew what the phone call was about, but I waited to hear it from her.  She was over the moon excited and totally giddy :)

To get the full story we must back up to Easter in MO earlier this year. Or maybe even 2007 or was it 2006 that we FIRST heard about this Bud? Yes, way back then. But let's just take it back to Easter for now. We took a long weekend and went up and she came down with the Bud. The Bud spoke with MiB...he asked for permission to marry LilBlue. Talk about whoa, MiB thought he was ready to answer that question, but then when the time was upon him his brain went foggy and thousands upon thousands of thoughts were rolling around in his head. And getting the words out as he wished was very difficult. Anyway, after an extremely deep somewhat long conversation that was even emotional at times he granted said permission. Next stop was checking in with Uncle G, yes, the Bud made a good decision by checking in with Uncle G. After all, he has and always will claim her for his own, it seemed only right. He got a good lecture, uh, I mean talking too, or er, uh, great discussion and then was threatened with his life given permission on that end too!

 Chatting with Uncle G
No worries, wedding is not too soon so to speak. He was just asking and there is no wedding planned to take place until after graduation NEXT spring. That's a relief. Because we really want LilBlue to finish school before going off and getting married! Ahhhh, but there will be a ring...sometime this summer he says to MiB. Okay, so we now know, we just don't know. He has the goodtogo but when he will act on that goodtogo is unknown! The reality is we know it's just a matter of time...breathe in, breathe out, that's what I keep telling myself; after all, she IS 21 years old. I was already married by the time I was 21. That's really irrelevant, she is mine and 21 is too young to be getting married!

So in May when we were in the BIG O for her surgery, we went to see the narrowed down ring choices. Both are beautiful and I think she will be thrilled with either one. So to recap again, we know, we just don't know; we are in a holding pattern until he pops THE question and gives her the ring...

That time came last night. That's why we got several calls with no messages and finally THE text :) When we did talk with them, she was just a tad bit excited! She's going to be a Mrs. and she is certainly thrilled about that, she loves the Bud :)

Wedding is most likely going to be next summer some time. Let's just pray for a mild day rather then a melt your face off day especially if she wants it to be outside! I know she has already started planning...she's been "pinning" under a Mr&Mrs category for quite awhile now but in the last 24 hours she gone pincrazy! LOL

Tonight they had dinner at at the Bud's house where there was a little engaging celebration. Let the countdown begin!

Celebration Cake! Looks yummy!

MANY CoNgRaTs to them both and may God bless them richly with many happy years to come. It's extremely easy to get married, but staying married is the part you have to work VERY hard at every day. To working hard together! We love you both and truly want the best for you!

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