Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let freedom ring but no swimming after hours!

With LilBlue here and Uncle G we wanted to do something fun but not spend our day in the heat and sun. There were a lot of options but we chose to do our 4th our own way and had a really good day! Last night we actually went to see the fireworks at Harrah's and they were good. Some folks must not realize they should turn out their car lights when you park to watch such a things, silly people!

This a.m. we hit the movies to watch SpiderMan. Seriously, I wasn't sure it was the right movie choice, I mean how many ways can you tell this's been done over and over. But I did think it was pretty good and we had a good time.

 Stylin with our 3D glasses!

Then we lunched at the new Chinese find we made! It was delish. Imperial Cathay, while not the Chinese we are used to is still a nice place to lunch and very reasonable in their prices. We especially enjoy the spring rolls!

Then we headed to the track. Yes, we went to watch the ponies run. It was fun and LilBlue enjoyed it cause she likes anything horses still! Some of us won a little, some of the others spent what some of us won, just sayin!

 We were a sight, trying to figure out who we wanted to wager on!

Placing our wagers!

Watching the ponies!!!!

Studying the track sheets and deciding who will will put our money on!

We made our wagers before each race and had to study up to see who we would go with. Pretty funny we all had our own methods of madness to make our choices.

 Our take home money...
So, I did pick winners in nearly every race, seriously, I did. I did not look at stats, I picked the names I liked, Jiggidy Jo, Regions Reign, those are winner names so I picked them and they won. I can't even remember some of the other winners but they had good names! Making the WPS wager is the only way to go in my book and you know Ima expert now on this whole betting thing! Ha just call me BookieBetty :)

After dinner we took a little 2 mile walk around the neighborhood. There was very little activity, which was good, we like it nice and quiet. Only saw one fireworks violator, two abandon cars and a few burned out street lights. We are making progress! Then because we are who we are we decided to take a little drive across the road, it was pretty quiet in that area too. However, as we were heading back to our neighborhood we happened by the pool and that's when it got interesting. It was well after 10:00 p.m. and the pool closes at 8:00 p.m. So when we saw a lady standing outside it just didn't seem right, we circled back (keep in mind that LilBlue had already said there were people in there but we told her no it's closed). Sure enough there were people five young men in the pool, swimming...the lady was a wife to one and was trying to get them to get out before they got in trouble. MiB quickly helped her to encourage them to get out as they were going to indeed be in trouble if they did not. His words are not blog appropriate but you can imagine I'm sure, it was certainly an interesting incident and the pool was quickly cleared. 

Happy 4th of July!

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