Friday, December 10, 2010

And the fun continues...

It's been a day we went to Pei Wei...good, I enjoyed it, the Japanese Teriyaki Fried Rice was very good, I got veggie and the veggies were very nice. Tried what everyone else had and it was all yummy, but Gs was soooo spicy I only had a few bites, the spring rolls were great and lettuce wraps were different, but a good different.

 Oh yeah, it was YUUUM...according to G!
 The three Pei Wei lovers!

 These are the statues I so remember and they are all dressed in their holiday finest!

After Pei Wei we stopped over at Cheesecake Factory and brought home a 7 inch original, oh me, oh my!

It was an awesome fun day and of course there was some Wii playing going on tonight too. Also the Grands arrived, tomorrow is the BIG day!

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