Sunday, December 19, 2010

S I X, yes that would be SIX!

And today we mark another milestone...we are now at the half way point! Woot, woot, woot! We are half way people, HALF WAY.

What you don't know, but I will now tell you is there is more month, yes January in the year 2011, I will get to see the MiB in FL. Yeah I know MAJOR happy dance!!!  We will have about 10 days together. Of course he will be in a class for 5 days of this time, but still I will see him before and after class and the weekends before and after the class begins, I am sooooo excited. I have already booked my flight, arranged with three doors down for airport transport and housing before and after MiBs arrival and it is all good. I am looking forward to seeing everyone for a few days and being back on the Space Coast.

Looks like there may even be a shuttle launch while I am there!

Today I am traveling to MO and plan to be there til I go to FL, but of course that is all subject to change as I have seen these last six months it is best not to make real firm plans but stay flexible, so I am!

Hard to believe it will Christmas in a week...think I better finish up the gift card buying!

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Susie said...

Congratulations!! I hope your visit is everything you hope it is:-)