Tuesday, December 7, 2010


While in Vegas with the Gracious family I experienced the Wii for the first time ever! I bowled, it was fun, I liked it, I even got my own little Wii person created for me...so tonight I got to play Wii again, I had the WiiFit experience this time and I think I LOVE it...so I think this is a really neat thing, maybe I need one! I did this bird flapper thingy and at first I was not doing so well, then G got me loaded in the system and I made it all the way to the cruise ship by flapping, leaning, soaring and flapping some more! I landed on targets, which looked like tall tree stumps in the middle of the ocean, and got extra time and soared right onto the big boat! WooHOO I did it!

I'm in the system now!

I think I will be doing more on this thing before I leave, I think I not only need too, but I want to!

There some pics of me, maybe even video...but not on my camera so I will share these fun shots of G&G playing! It was a hoot, it was harder then it looked and it was FUN! 

G skates for us...he got a real workout!

Flapping and soaring and landing, oh my! We will all have sore arms tomorrow.

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Susie said...

You have to be careful. The Wii is very addictive:-)