Friday, December 10, 2010


A few day back I alluded to the fact that we are in celebration mode for Gs graduation and that there were some surprises on the horizon, well, she's here! Lil Blue is here for the graduation let all the festivities begin! She flew in late last night and talk about coming up with a hair-brained story to get out of the house to retrieve her, we did. We went "shopping" which neither one of us are shoppers so the fact that he bought that story and didn't really question it is pretty priceless in and of itself.  So as far fetched as it was it worked! Even with a delayed flight we pulled it off and he truly did seem surprised even though I know I nearly spilled the beans about her coming a couple times! He was caught off guard when we all three came walking up the stairs last night!!!!

 Hug Number 1

I can't believe you are here...

 Splainin' how we pulled this off!

 Hug Number 2

So after some chitchattin' we pulled out the Wii and ended up staying up waaaaaay too late makin fools of ourselves but we had a bunch of fun. LilBlue was hillarious...G ended up skating for us again, we did a new obstacle course game which was so fun and funny; we did the bird flappy one again, too. We took way too long with making a Wii person for LilBlue but at least she is now in the system with the rest of us! Good fun times and priceless memories for sure!

 LilBlue playing that bird flapper game on the Wii!

Oh and for lunch today we did Chick Fil A...and I was amazed at the drive-through line. This was AFTER we were in it, we had to wait to turn into the line, so we waited in line to turn into a line to get in line to go through the drive-through. Is that nuts or what? I mean hey I do like Chick Fil A, I do not love it but I like it but this kind of line was surprising. Amazingly enough it moved pretty fast! However, I have to say I was severely disappointed to be told they were OUT OF the Chick Fil A sauce. I mean come on how do you run out of your signature sauce; I was very unhappy :(  I substituted with the Polynesian sauce instead. It was okay at best, I will not choose it again. Therefore, I did not enjoy my nuggets near as much as I would have had I had the right sauce. Oh well!

Later today we are going to LilBlue's new favorite place..Pei Wei. I have never been, so I will let you know what I think but LB thinks it's the bomb and so do the Gs!



Frizzy and Bird said...

Sounds like you're having tons of fun and laughter. I'm not sure I could play Wii with you guys. You might be a bit advanced for this gal. LOL

Susie said...

Looks like a great time!