Saturday, December 11, 2010


 It was a very nice graduation, the speaker was good, the Hallmark guy from Kansas City, MO was there, it was really cool.  It's a sealed done deal and we are soooooooooooooooo very proud!

 LilBlue with the GRADUATE!

 Patiently waiting since we were in our seats 45 minutes before the graduation began, but we had GREAT seats...thanks LilBlue for navigating the crowd and scoping the scene for the best spot!

Being silly during the processional in...

 Got the diploma, it's all good!
After the graduation, we all went to Ingrid's Kitchen to have a celebratory meal, I had Wiener Schnitzel, oh man it was good, but the carrot cake (yeah, I know, not real Germanish) was divine! It was sooo good, I wanted to take some home but since we had graduation cake and leftover cheesecake I did not!

 At Ingrid's

There was a dragon parade with singing in Gs honor...this was pure delight, there was lots of excitement and activity with the three little girls around and we had several "shows", "parades" and wardrobe changes. It was fun for all and lots of giggles could be heard throughout the loft most of the evening!

FYI:  Looks like I am having so much fun in OKC I am going to stay on another week, I mean seriously, I have no commitments so it's not like I can't, so I am! Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...OKLAHOMA, it's the place to be!!! And besides it's snowin' in MO and NE so who wants to be there!

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