Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

It's been such a nice, low key, laid back, week I know I'm going to miss this mini getaway next week when we are in in the moment of the season of Christmas. I will enjoy it but it will be so much more then I really would want and so I will miss this, this extra week of downtime for me. And I will also be a bit on the gloomy side since it will be my first Christmas without LilBlue.

I hope if you are still shopping you are nearly done; I hope you are taking time to enjoy those around you, that you are embracing the season and not dreading it, that you are really, really celebrating the reason for the season. I hope you find peace, love and joy in new ways and that you look for ways to bring those same things...peace, love and joy to those whose path you cross. We never know when we will be on the other side of a situation, be thankful and give thanks for where you are. Make strides to curtail the judgmental attitudes, look for the good in others. And don't shirk the responsibility of speaking up when necessary; that is also hard but doable.  It can always be worse, it can always be better, make the most of where you are...

  • I love, love, love pecan brittle!
  • I am so very blessed by others...
  • Static electricity is evil and I dislike it.
  • This time next month LilBlue will be 20 - YIKES!

    Time for some TV, this whole DVR thing is really spoiling me, I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want and skip the commercials, this is way cool and I am liking it way too much!

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    Susie said...

    This week has been our crazy one. Next week will actually be the most relaxing of all because all the planning and working will be done:-)