Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

G L O R I O U S...

This week has been just glorious, how fortunate we are to have this time together and after the last 7 months apart it was soooo welcome! Thinking about the remaining time apart and knowing that our next together time is just around the corner in March then reuniting for our next chapter in June puts the realization that we will soon have this assignment behinds us! I know it has been a rewarding time for MiB job wise and he has felt very much involved in a "real mission" but I also know he has struggled as have I with the family separation which is what we always realize is the real drawback to this whole military thing (at least for us)! Anywho, getting back to reality, we ARE on the downslide and it is only roughly 20 more weeks til we are done once we go our separate ways after this mini reunion and 2 of those weeks we will be together in HAWAII!



  •  I have missed the ocean...
  • Love gettin' my FL vitamin D!
  • Have really missed "three doors down"!
  • Weak coffee just isn't worth it...don't do it!
  • Thank you Crown P for having a nice gym :)

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Susie said...

That is fantastic!! Enjoy every minute:-)