Sunday, January 16, 2011

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!!

A new era begins in our world today as LilBlue enters the 2’s.  What is unbelievable to me is that it was really 20 years ago today that she made her grand entrance into this world. What is even more unbelievable to me is that her daddy is back in the same “undisclosed location” region still in the fight. Not much has changed yet so much has changed. I guess that is truly l i f e at it’s best!

From this...

To this...
We have watched our girl grow and it has been such an adventure…we have seen her spread her wings, sail in the wind and sometimes have a few bumpy landings as she progresses into and onto her own. We are extremely proud and fearful all in the same breath. Life is tough, choices are all around and we know the struggles we face and still face and have concerns for her as we know she will be facing more then we have. We pray for her constantly, we continue to try and be a Godly example to her with our warts and all hoping she will continue to choose to be a Godly woman herself.

It is her day today…again we are apart…she is growing up…we are so proud…we are excited to see what her future holds…and most days I do feel exactly as my dear friend said just a few days ago, “I've heard it said that letting go of our children is like watching our hearts walk around outside our body”

Daughter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you are a joy and we hope your day was very special just like you!!!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Birthday Lil Blue!

I'm sending you a giant hug Mrs. Blue. I wish I could be with you to reminisce.

I hope all is ok. I'm a little anxious to hear about all you all are praying about and deciding. Care to share?

Mrs. Blue said...

Next assignment...VERY up in the air...will he continue as a CCM or go back to the wing? Maybe even go back to the squadron. Have to be "looked at" and hired for the CCM, not sure he will get a job offer that coincides with his return date... You know the typical life of a military member....waiting, waiting, waiting, praying, praying, praying!

Susie said...

I hope she has a GREAT birthday!

Mine just turned 20 this summer and it is just unbelievable!