Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sunrise

It was a wake up call, uh er, sound I soooo didn't need...the couple in the room next door were up and at it at 0543. And yes, I DO mean UP and AT "it". So for nearly 12 minutes, yes, I did look at the clock and yes, it really was nearly 12 minutes that they were at "it". I mean seriously, when you are making the headboard repeatedly bang against the wall don't you think the people in the next room are going to wake up and hear that? not mention the other sounds, gracious! Moving on...since we were now wide awake we decided to make the most of it and rise and shine and catch the sunrise.

What a beautiful morning for it and oh, who else do we see on on the beach? You got it the up and at it early risers from next door, oh yeah, now I have a visual to go with the sounds! WooHOO what a way to start our day!

Our feet got waaaay too cold!

 The sunrise was as always gorgeous...
 Ummm, yeah, that is a lovely make-up, windblown just run a brush through it hair and my MiB still says, "oh, honey you look gorgeous'. He's not kidding when he says his eyes are getting worse and he needs glasses! But at least I did have coffee!

Today will be another surfing day for MiB, the 8th day in a row on his 11 day trip back to the states. He is trying to make the most of his time back being near surfable waters and cannot wait for HI in March. He has even gotten a twofer day in while here. We will also join three doors down for the traditional Sunday night gathering! Mexican is this week's menu, yum, looking forward to it already, how sad is that? It's not even 8 A.M. and I'm thinking of dinner already. I soooo have those 7#s back after this trip, I just hope there isn't more then that when I crawl back on the scales! Being happily homeless these past 7 months has been hard on my waistline! I really have tried to keep up my exercise routine, however, it's been a challenge and eating seems to be the theme with whatever I am doing or whoever I am meeting up with. But I wouldn't trade it, I have had a blast and it certainly has made the time pass quickly! I am going to need to work a little harder at keeping the poundage down though! MiB doesn't help, we went to get some room snacks and he picks out a bag of Oreos and some awesome cheeses! He is killing me here with his horrid eating habits, which I am truly in the know about but usually do not not cave to them; however, this trip it's just been too easy to dive right in to the junkfood right next to him, ugh, I know I will pay for it, I already am!

Only 3 more days remaining..making the most of it and living the just doesn't get much better then this! Unless you don't like your spouse then it probably stinks to be you! I'm a very blessed woman!

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Frizzy said...

You should have given that couple a run for their money! LOL

Enjoy your next days together and the food too.