Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunny Thursday Thoughts!!!

I'm enjoying the sunshine state for sure!!! Gorgeous weather (though there appears to be a wet change in the near future, the temps will still be warm so it will be tolerable!)...enjoying great company and just chillaxin' for sure!

MiB will be here shortly...I'm over the top excited!

  • I do miss the weather here...
  • I have certainly missed the ocean waves!
  • I do miss the people here (okay, some of them I do not, LOL)
  • I am such a blessed woman and cannot believe this is my life!
Gotta run, the beach is calling my name! Enjoy your day...take time to count the blessings you do have! You know they are out there just remember to be thankful for them!


Susie said...

Jealous! It is going to be below zero here tomorrow:-(

Frizzy and Bird said...

Give that husband of yours a giant hug from us! So happy you're together.