Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

I'm going to a swanky dinner tonight! Dressen' right up and going out. This evening we will be attending a heritage dinner celebrating the 70th anniversary of the MIGHTY 8th!

I have many things to do and have already accomplished a lot so I feel pretty good about today. I'm choosing to be on the computer less and less. It is hard but I like it.

Gotta run, still much to do!

  • Pool is O P E N :)
  • Already really warm here...
  • Really ready for fresh 'maters :)
  • Working hard on that exercise thing!
The other really uplifting news is that The Littles are planning to be here next week :) Can't wait for the precious hugs and lots of questions, it's going to be a F U N time I know! Oh, and my parents will be here with them, so bonus :)

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