Friday, May 25, 2012

Heritage Dinner

Oh what a night...seriously, one of the neatest events we have attended!

 The "passed items" were yummers, this was the cucumber rounds stuffed with pimento cheese however the toast points tapanades (and I'm not positive they were actually tapanades but that is what they reminded me of) they were GOOD!)

 Couple "characters" from days gone by, loved the period uniforms!

 Couple "characters" in modern day uniforms!

The memorabilia was really something and this particular piece just made me chuckle!

Our place settings were just simply awesome!

The raspberry sorbet was a really nice treat, and even though it was the palate cleanser, it was probably my favorite :) Though I loved the soup and the the grilled shrimp, too.

Lots of heritage of course but the stories we heard, oh my, those were the mostest! That is really what is the most fun, hearing the stories from things and events from days gone by. Some are a little (okay maybe in some cases a lot:) embellished but they are still great fun to hear and many bring lots of chuckles; others are truly learning lessons if your listening closely!

 Miss M...she was the planner extraordinaire for this event and did a PHENOMENAL job! 

 MiB with the Air reunion because they had also been deployed together! Their symbolic cups were swapped on the handout, darn those last names that start with M and look close especially in dim light with aging eyes! LOL

After the formal portion of the dinner, the group was adjourned to the patio for cognac and cigars. I did not partake in the cognac as the aroma alone was enough to turn me off. And I don't do cigars! However, as the night wore on they brought out the "good stuff" so I was told. There was a cup brought in to the ladies, who had abandoned the patio for the comfort of the AC. We were encouraged to "let it just touch your lips". Yeah, no matter if it was the good stuff or not it still tasted like rubbing alcohol smells to me! I'll just stick to my $5.00 bottle Chianti thankyouverymuch Aldi :) But again it was a really spectacular evening and it is definitely going into the great memories category for me!

THE Mighty 8th Commander with the "good stuff"

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