Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Pretty sure I am missing her more then she is missing me...

Still praying for a smooth, speedy recovery and that she continues to gain more strength every day. I know she will be glad to be able to get to back to some sort of "normal"! I am thrilled she is getting along so well with "real" food. She feels better for sure, even though she is still really sore or in her words feels like someone "socked me in the tummy",  and she is still easily worn out; she is better and that is/was the goal!

I have a lot of thoughts but none are easily going into words today...
  •  Love sleeping in my own bed :)
  • Glad to be able to go when needed...
  • Being far away makes some days not so easy.
  • I think we are having company in a few weeks :)

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