Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lugguge & Storms : /

It's funny but it's not. My BiL went through an unwanted divorce last year and of course we are still learning about "things" each time we see him. Not necessarily about the divorce itself but about how he is doing life since the divorce. This weekend was one of those instances that gave us all a little chuckle.

He has been to see us in LA several times and we have met in MO a few times. He came to NE to be with us for LilBlue's surgery. I guess I didn't pay that much attention to his "luggage" on earlier trips. However, as he was packing up to leave this morning I did notice his traveling containers as MiB put it. MiB was also giving him a hard time about his so called "luggage"...we joked that it looked like "the Clampett's go to Maui" had landed in NE! All he needed to complete his ensemble was a Piggly Wiggly bag or two! Then I ask him seriously if he even knew where his luggage was (since he has most of his things stored) and he assured me that yes he did. So now I have a good future gift idea or as MiB told him we have more then enough extra pieces of luggage that we could share with him. Odd the things you can come out or without in a BIG D. Sounds sucky to me. Such is his life, he is making the best of it and I am glad we could find humor in it!

G's "luggage"

In other news the G>B>O> recovery is still progressing well. Rest was interrupted for several hours last night due to storms in the area that not only knocked out the electricity for a few hours but blew down trees, tore off siding and just in general made it hard to sleep. Unfortunately, a spewing episode has also reared its ugly head again :( but overall we are still moving forward!

This was just across the way from the house where we are staying.

I also saw a lot of  FaceBook postings of other damage in the area. Appears there were no injuries, thankfully, but a little bit of clean up will be needed! Going to have a laid back easy day here in the Big O, continuing to pray for LilBlue to recover without complications and as pain free as possible!

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