Monday, May 7, 2012

Rolling along w/recovery

LilBlue is recovering nicely. Lots of napping, lots of hydration, several deep breaths and a bit of coughing along with little walks, short trips out and many prayers. She is doing well...

Thankful for electronic devices, they seem to be very popular during this recovery period! And the Bud he is popular too :) especially with LilBlue. MiB is not nor will never be a nurse/caregiver. He just doesn't have that patient quality...he is almost as high maintenance as the recovering LilBlue...just sayin! I'm glad he has his laptop and I can't believe I am saying this but I am even glad he has the one for work. It has helped him not be so stir crazy!

I am thrilled that today was a good day for her, she is really getting better each day. I am really not sure I am ready to leave her. I am considering bringing her back to LA with us, but she would have to be back here for her follow-up, so not sure that would work. Car travel for her would be rough for that many miles, and air travel might not be great at this point in recovery, decisions, decisions! UGHHHHHH, I am soooooo torn.

But again I am so thankful today was a good day! Answer to many prayers. Who knew gall bladder surgery was so rough, I certainly did not!

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