Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hmmmm, it's been quite a week!

I am behind in my blogging...that's what a week's worth of company will do to you :) It's all good though and we enjoyed all the guests!

It was a lot of fun to have the Littles here. Of course they were accompanied by GiGi and G-Pa along with Aunt Turtle and Uncle Jimmie. They got to splash and swim, look at lots of planes, play on our stairs, eat catfish (which they LOVE), see the coolest diorama's ever and just enjoy being Tourist on an adventure of their new surroundings! They even got to see an alligator...which was tops on their "to do" list!

 Getting inside Miss Liberty!

 This was huge for them!

Splashing downtown...they had sooooo much fun!

 The downtown murals up close and personal...really magnificent!

These two murals are the largest public murals in the nation. Known as the Once in a Millennium Moon Murals they are full of  symbolism. Looking at them is almost overwhelming due to all the embedded meaning depicted. Their detail is amazing as well. I have seen them from afar as we travel the highway that gives a good view numerous times but going to see them up close was WOW!

 Who knew an Elvis statue in Shreveport! Aunt Turtle was all about seeing that :)

 Checking out the diorama's...everyone loved them. They are really spectacular!

In the Barnwell gardens...the goldfish were really cool!

After our touristy about and around the downtown area we stopped in at the ElDorado for a nice buffet lunch. There was something for everyone! I loved the fresh pineapple! Another day we ate at the Blind Tiger. I had heard great things about this restaurant and it did not disappoint. The catfish was really good according to my dad and the Littles. The red beans and rice were tops according to Uncle Jimmie along with the ettouffee. GiGi and Aunt Turtle liked the appetizer platter offerings especially the dipping sauce! My Santa Fe grilled chicken salad hit the spot for me so it was all good!
Later in the afternoon we experienced another REAL RARE TREAT...


I know this will be talked about for years to come...what an awesome experience!

I'm so glad they all were able to make the trip, especially my dad. I thought he might bow out, but he didn't! We really put them through the paces trying to getting in as much as we could showing them the base and surrounding area. 

 G-Pa catches a few Zzzz's before dinner!

It was a great week! I was worn out too! But like I said we are gearing up for another crew! Hope your days have some fun adventures in them, if not, start making plans now, summer will be gone before you know it. We are trying to nail down some of our own summer travel plans, it's hard with work and school schedules to de-conflict but we are hoping to get something scheduled soon!

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