Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Greetings, excitement in the neighborhood last evening, hope it's quieter today. In addition we are a full neighborhood now :) Can't wait to meet the last three arrivals. Lots more action on the streets, playgrounds and at the mail box. Funny!

Planning an ice cream social as soon as we get back from G-Town.Would do it this weekend, but MiB is out and then next weekend we leave for G-Town so will have to wait til we return. Will be fun! And as hot as it's been it will be refreshing!

So today is a catch up day, have lots to do, had planned to be home most of yesterday and after a failed attempt at getting new spectacles and shopping with LilBlue I didn't get home til nearly 5:00 p.m. and the WW ladies arrived shortly after. It was a good day but I didn't get some things accomplished that I wanted to. I will try again to day!

Oh, did you catch the "shopping with LilBlue" part. Yes, that's right, we shopped together via the phone. We were at the same store and walked through it and talked about things for the wedding, it was crazy fun! I can see this happening many more times in the next year :)

Gotta run, many prayers being lifted today for many reasons...

  • Ready for a farmer's market run...
  • Just a's still HOT here!
  • Praying the prayer that NEVER fails
  • Thankful to answered prayers as well!
  • MAYBE, just maybe I will go to the pool today :)

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