Thursday, October 14, 2010


Oh my, did we do a yummy or what? We headed down to the strip to do a little dessert trip. Now I know there are lots of other choices rather then the Cheesecake Factory but you have to understand the big girls really, really like cheesecake so this was a perfect choice for us. Of course, that was the EASY part choosing to go there! The hard part came when I had to make the choice for the type of cheesecake I wanted. Oh dear, that was so, so, so hard. I wanted to get the red velvet since I so love cream cheese frosting, but I also very much wanted the blueberry, and of course I kind of wanted to venture out and try the chocolate chip cookie dough or the Dutch apple caramel streusel one. See how tough it was?

Anyway, here’s what happened, I got the red velvet! It was oh so yummy, I brought some home to have for breakfast tomorrow. NOT another piece, I just did not devour my entire piece today, I savored it and then I saved some for another time!

 Red Velvet Cheesecake!

Everyone enjoyed our tasty morsels and certainly got our cheesecake fix, I’m telling you it was divine : )

Before we began our adventure to the strip we had ballet class, yes, really! It was so cute to watch the middle one in class, so serious this one is! Determination oozed all around her as she ever so elegantly and so very gracefully moved just as her instructor did never missing a beat.

The BONUS for today was while we were strolling the mall inside Caesar's Palace we saw Pete Rose...not all that exciting I know, but a sort of famous person nonetheless that we saw. I think he was doing some sort of book signing or something.

He is NOT the guy in red but the guy sitting behind the counter with the ball hat on!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • I love early nonstop flights!
  • It’s rather warm here in Vegas…
  • Skype is still amazing to me!


Susie said...

What a grand day:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Did you say hi to our fishy friends outside the Cheesecake Factory? Have your friends been to any of the places I suggested you go? If they live in Vegas they must have gone to one or two of them. Can't wait to hear where else you partay!

Mrs. Blue said...

Oh yes, we enjoyed the fishy area! And we even took in the show...they have heard of some of the things you shared, but they are new to the area and are looking forward to checking out some of your suggested places as well!

BTW they had found the sandwich shop that starts with a C and love it too!