Friday, October 22, 2010


 WOW, there are really no adequate words to describe the views I saw, it was AMAZING, such a vast expanse, so very beautiful, so extremely desolate, so very sparse, yet again, it was gorgeous and I am so thrilled to have finally experienced it.

We did our canyon viewing on the West side, it was closest to Vegas and it is home to the somewhat famous "SkyWalk". Yes, we did go out on the skywalk, it was neat, not as cool as I thought it would be nor near as scary as some made it sound...I did not at all get that funny stomach feeling, I did not get lightheaded, queasy or anything else. I took it all in. I looked, I marveled, I stared, I wondered, I experienced it fully. It was a bit of a cool, cloudy, damp day and so they had mats on on the walk which did hamper the view somewhat but not enough to ruin it. We went out on the walk when there was a clearing in the clouds so it was partly sunny during our time on the walk, the only time it was sunny while we were at the canyon. I am so glad we went ahead and went out when we did while the sun was shining. One of the guides commented that the view of the canyon is more spectacular when there is a bit of cloud cover as you can see the depth and beauty more then when it is full sunlight as there is more glare to contend with. I hope she was saying that in truth and not to make all of us feel better since it was a cloudy day!  The skywalk area is called Eagle's Point.

The next stop on the tour was Guano Point, it was another amazing view...again, there are really no words to describe this.


We ended our evening with Rita...she was good and we certainly had many laughs, we were amazed at the small venue and what great seats we got just hours before the show!We did not pre-buy since we were not sure what time we would make it back from the canyon. What a way to end our trip! Fly out tomorrow afternoon!

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