Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday FROG!

 This is the birthday FROG...

This evening I was invited to a birthday celebration for the was a nice time.  The food was extremely yummy, the FROG himself smoked the meat and he also made a pretty darn good cabbage casserole, (though I must say, it really, really stunk up the house!) KR brought baked beans and cheesy taters and there was also some fresh corn off the cob. And let's not forget to mention the homemade German chocolate cake which was totally over the top good. I will also admit that I am still miserable right this minute from eating so much!

The cake that was nearly consumed by the fire and that is the cake baker!

The birthday FROG blowing out the candles!
Removing the wax cause no one wants wax in the cake!

After the really good meal we got down to some was a pretty low key game of spades in which my partner and I did not whip up on the birthday FROG and his partner cause we are just nice that way, LOL!

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Susie said...

It looks like he had a GREAT birthday:-)