Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh, I am really feeling the travel effects (read that, weight gain) from the Vegas trip. I know I really didn’t need that yummy coconut cake for breakfast (and late night snack)! Nor should I have had all the wonderful delicious orange cranberry scones from Trader Joe’s but they were good. I also probably should have only gone to In & Out Burger once…not, well let’s just not mention how many times I went! And then there was the Capriotti’s trips (thanks Frizzy), yeah, about them, they were AWESOME! I loved each every sandwich I had there. I was also thrilled to be able to have Chipotle not once but twice, did I mention I love their guac! Well I do and I certainly enjoyed it BOTH times I went! This is not to mention the crepe place at the Bellogio (thanks again friend Frizzy!) Anyway, what’s done is done…I am back to trying to keep to my more strict eating routine, many, many veggies, fruit and little meat. I hope it kicks in cause I can feel the 5#s that found their way to my mid section. I know, I know it’s only 5#s but at my height and build it’s there and I know it and I really need to ditch it.  That’s my goal along with NOT gaining more over the next several weeks as we begin the descent into the holidays.


Costa Rica for our mid-tour???
Roasted cauliflower is awesome!
I think I need a lil’blue fix, I miss that girl!
I do not know what is in the air but I’m sneezing!
MiB will possible come stateside on TDY, ME TOO!!!

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