Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quilt Shop right here :)

I was looking for the shoe repair shop…it’s not there anymore; however, while wandering around the town square in my hometown to make sure it was in fact gone and not just relocated I found a quilt shop on one of the side streets. I know, I know, who knew! I sure didn’t but now I do. I will now make it a point to get back by there and check it out. I hope it is a real hidden treasure!

I noticed some other things on and around the square that I had not noticed since I have been back in these parts. I guess I really should just take an afternoon or morning and reacquaint myself with those still in business on the square. In my younger days I have many fond memories of shopping “uptown” as we used to call it. There was a great drug store that had THE best cokes in town. We also had a couple of neat clothing stores, I mostly remember Mode O Day, but there were others such as Edmiston’s, Haden’s and one on the southeast corner that I no longer remember the name of. We also had a couple of five and dimes; I remember riding my bike to Ben Franklin or TG&Y to get candy. I usually got bottle caps, wax lips or wacky wafers.  The two pharmacies’ that used to be on the square are gone. I loved going there as they were gift shops as well. One is still operating just no longer on the square. Thomas’s used to be the place to go to get birthday gifts when I was growing up. It always smelled so good in there as they sold candles and perfume as well.

The FOX Theater used to be uptown as well; it is now the CCPA theatre. Earlier in the summer I was able to see a local play there. They have done a nice job revamping it and it seems like such a good fit the local community group to have it.  The jewelry store where I got my first “real” watch is no longer there, but the one my wedding ring came from is and I still regularly visit there when in town.  The shoe store where my first Bass sandals came from is still open but much smaller then years ago. The barbershop where I would accompany my dad to get his haircut is still open. Not only is that barbershop still open, it is still only $2.50 to get your haircut and if you are a kid I understand you still get a piece of bubblegum when you leave. Some things never change I suppose, while others are always changing!

I will hopefully have a good report after I am able to visit the quilt shop…not sure I will make it in before I leave for Vegas or not, so stay tuned!


Skip'sMKGirl said...

2.50 for a haircut?! WOW! How fun to stroll down memory lane with you, praying for your family :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Don't you just love walking down memory lane. I know I do. Though it's sad to see those stores you loved gone.