Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

I am not sure but I do not think Vegas is the town for's not that it is not a good town just not my kind of town. I have enjoyed seeing it, loved the people watching, have enjoyed the shows on and off the stage :), got to see friends and family and overall had a nice time but I will be okay if I don't make it back...NO offense to those who love the town or the Vegas Chamber of Commerce!

  • I like my space...
  • I still am not a dog lover
  • I don't like cigarette smoke
  • I am a saver not a gambler thankyouverymuch!
As far as our day went we took it pretty easy and shopped and puttered around town on our own. I amazingly enough found black shoes that I really like (which I have been in search of FOREVER, well, okay more like 6 months) and Levi's. so it was a really good shopping day for me!!!

We ended by seeing the TI Pirate Show and watching the Bellagio dancing waters.

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