Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Project

Our challenge:

Replace the core of the door due to moisture intrusion.

It was time to bring out the tool belt and do a little DIY at Papa Smurf’s. The front door, still under warranty, needed the core replaced. The weather was perfect for such a project and since “the Littles” would not be in residence we seized the moment and got started. Lest you think this was an easy task let me assure you it was not.  In fact, IMO, I think it might have been easier to just buy a new door…but we persevered and we now have the door back up.



We took apart, put back together, we unscrewed and re-screwed and in the midst we drilled holes, measured, pried and pushed, re-measured and took time to have lunch at DQ. Chicken strip lunch basket with malts, (chocolate for me, strawberry for dad). It was a good day! The bottom rubber still needs to be changed out but it is back up and fully functional. I think, okay, I know there may have been a few sore muscles but we completed another project from the list….I think there are only 462 left :/

You may want to start calling me Handy Manny :) And yeah, I KNOW it looks like my dad did all the work, but someone had to get the pictures ya know!

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Susie said...

We had the power tools fired up over here too:-)